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Debt Collection Calls
High Quality Fair Automated Debt Reminder and Debt Collection Phone Calls
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Consumer Friendly Debt Collection Calls

Maximize Debt Collection Returns

The use of outbound debt collection voice reminder calls can make the difference between debt write-off and worthwhile debt collection. An efficient and sophisticated outbound call service from premier telephony providers X-on can reduce the costs associated with debt collection and maximize returns. Clients generally experience a 30% improvement in collection rates when using our outbound call service.

Debt Collection Broadcast Solutions

Debt Collection Calls can significantly improve the success rate of your debt collection agency. Automated calls can assist in reminding debtors that payment is overdue. Prerecorded messages including information pertinent to each debtor provide effective late payment reminders. The messages can include the steps necessary for making the payment.

The X-on outbound call debt collection service can incorporate a fully automated payment resolution system, or be integrated with a call centre, efficiently connecting debtors with agents when required.

Late Payment Reminder Messages

An overdue account reminder is commonly all that is required to bring a debtor's account up to date. Often it's merely a case of having forgotten to make the payment in which case the reminder is sufficient. Additionally the reminder can include the steps involved in making the payment and bringing the account up to date.

A reminder message in advance of the payment can assist in ensuring debtors have set the necessary funds aside. Payment reminders can be spaced to cause the least amount of annoyance and a gentle tone will ensure the debtor remains compliant.

Reduced Agent and Staff Costs

The option to press a touchtone key to contact a collection agent can also be provided. The debtor presses the relevant key and is transferred to the agent who then takes the payment.

The outbound calls can be integrated with our predictive dialer system ensuring calls are connected with agents as they become available. The agents are then able to speak with someone who has already been informed of the reason for the call and is prepared to resolve the issue.

A screen popup displaying the debtor's details ensures the agent has all the relevant information immediately to hand.

This not only removes the need for agents to make the calls initially, but also reduces the time spent on the call once connected. Agent time is efficiently used in taking payments or making new arrangements where applicable, rather than dialing numbers, dealing with busy tones and explaining the reason for the call.

With routine functions handled by the phone system, agent efficiency is greatly improved and agent numbers can be reduced with associated cost savings. And as lower level debts are largely handled by the phone system, collectors can focus on the more complex cases.

Automated Calls Preferred

As debtors have the option to ignore an automated call, they are often perceived as less annoying than a call from a live agent which can be seen as antagonistic. Also the debtor can be provided the option to make an automated payment which in some cases is less embarrassing.

Speech Synthesis

The use of natural voice synthesis ensures the debtor perceives the call as friendly, increasing the likelihood of response. State-of-the-art speech recognition and synthesis systems interact with debtors in a natural manner. Ensuring the conversation is as 'human' as possible increases the likelihood that the call is perceived as being within the rights of the collection agency, motivating the debtor to comply.

Debt Collection Calls

Overdue Payment Reminders: Messages can be merely a reminder that a payment is due, or include information pertinent to the debtor and include the steps required to make a payment.
Automated Debt Collections: Messages include the option to press a touchphone key and be connected with the X-on automated payment system.
Debt Collections With Agents: Another option can be provided where the debtor presses a touchphone key and is connected with an agent who takes the payment.

SMS Messages

Overdue payment messages can also be broadcast to debtors using SMS.


Reminds debtors a payment is due
Provides debtors easy options for making payments
Quality speech synthesis creates a favourable impression
Agents no longer need to make outbound calls
Saves agent time with informed debtors and screen popping
Agents and debtors connected efficiently using predictive dialing
Less resources expended on lower level debts

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